It’s Complicated

Playing the Main Stage on Friday at 20:00

Formed at the beginning of 2017 by drummer/vocalist Tim Watts, vocalist/keyboards Jacq Sherlock and guitarist Tom Evans after departing popular function band Friday Feeling. Our intrepid trio wanted to get away from covering the same old songs in the same old way and began experimenting with their own unique approach to delivering a collection of fantastic songs in their own way. In a very short time genre blending versions of classics by artists as diverse as Led Zeppelin, Michael Jackson, Stevie Vai, Celo Green and Sophie Ellis Baxter began to emerge. It was at this point that three needed to become four and the hunt was on for a bass player who could add to the bands unique sound by playing double bass and electric fretless bass. Could such a mythical beast be found? After a few false alarms, the short answer was yes. Enter stage left Stephen Barron who brought with him his own individual collection of influences and ideas to further add creatively to the emerging sound of our new band It’s Complicated. So if you like live music that offers something a little different then come along and see us soon!

It’s Complicated are: Tim Watts (drums and vocals), Jacqueline Sherlock (keyboards and vocals), Tom Evans (guitars) and Stephen Barron (bass)