Port In A Storm

Playing the Main Stage on Saturday at 12:45

The band formed originally way back in 1982 at school and played many gigs around Oxfordshire, building up a large following of "Stormtroopers". As the band "grew up" they gradually drifted apart until some 30 years later, when they reunited originally for a one-off gig for fun. On discovering that they actually quite liked playing together and enjoyed/remembered how to play the old songs they decided to re-record all the old songs with modern technology and created "The Late Night Show" album which has had over 1000 downloads and listens on streaming sites. 2018 now sees the band producing a new follow -up entitled "Carnival" which promises a great diverse range of fun pop mixed with more meloncholy songs.

Port In A Storm are: Laurence Williams, John Abbey, Julian Richardson, James Bishop and Andy Reay