FollyFest always enjoys a huge selection of talent and styles with something to suit everyone.  In no particular order, here are details of some of the bands we hope to have playing this year.  Scroll down to see the full list or just refresh the page to discover some more you can look forward to seeing and hearing!

Abstraction Engine

Abstraction Engine are a four-piece band from villages dotted around Oxfordshire, but mostly towards Shrivenham.  They describe themselves as “80s and 90s inspired guitar-led popsters”, playing a mix of covers and their own songs covering all styles of music from 80’s Indie to 90’s Rock and everything in between. [...]

Apache Cats

Formed in August 2022 by the remaining four members of Navajo Dogs, with new frontman James “Ozzy” Lovegrove.  The name is a sympathetic nod to the heritage of the group, despite a change in musical style. More rock, slightly less blues. Apache Cats are frontman James ‘Ozzy’ Lovegrove, Tom [...]


AT-IT came together when staff, family and friends from Commonweal School, Swindon formed a band for the yearly staff cabaret. They mainly play original soft rock songs with a few covers thrown in for good measure, and have played at many charity events in Swindon and the surrounding area. The greatest [...]

Boogie Me

Boogie Me are a 15 piece Rhythm, Blues and Boogie band based in Faringdon.  Formed in 2005 by Jon Lane, the band comprises experienced players who have cut their teeth with numerous bands and orchestras. Drawn together with a collective love of R&B, Soul, Blues and obviously, Boogie, the [...]

Brass Follies

Brass Follies is a Faringdon based, seven piece ensemble playing a variety of Brass instruments. Since our formation in 2022, we have performed at many venues in, and around the Faringdon area. We have an eclectic mix of repertoire, with music appropriate for very diverse occasions, that have ranged [...]

Dandelion Charm

Dandelion Charm are travelling all the way from Newhaven to play for us, as they did at last year’s Follyfest. They are back by popular demand and blend folk, prog and rock with a sound reminiscent of the late ’60s and early ’70’s. Think Fleetwood Mac meets Opeth, CSN [...]


Despite building their reputation as a progressive rock band, Haze have always drawn on a wide variety of influences, ranging from pop, rock, folk, metal, meandering psychedelic jams to tightly structured prog epics.  Formed in Sheffield in the late 1970s by brothers Chris & Paul McMahon, they established their [...]

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