Richard Marlow
Richard MarlowThe Boss
When I volunteered to join the committee for FollyFest 2014 little did I expect to be taking on the ‘Chairman’ role in 2016! Quite a privilege but also quite a challenge in working with the rest of the team in ensuring that the wonderful recent years are built upon to make this year even more enjoyable for the whole town of Faringdon. Here’s to FollyFest 2020!
Del Bray
Del BrayMusic and Bands
The token Taffy on the organising committee, now doing his third year as Music Programme and Line-Up Director. I moved to Faringdon in 2013 and am married to a local lass so know plenty about the place. I play in a couple of local covers bands (The Hyperbolics, Parabolics, Punk & Disorderly and NoMansLand) so have played many gigs in the town and nearby and know many of the local musical community. It’s a great event and I’m looking forward to contributing to its continuing success in 2020.
Karen Cockroft
Karen CockroftThe Fringe
Hi I’m Karen and have lived in Faringdon for 22 years now so decided it was time I did my bit for the FollyFest. I have been given the role of Fringe Events Co-ordinator which means that I am responsible for organising and co-coordinating the events which will be taking place away from the main stage and the Crown stage.
Jonathon Puddifoot
Jonathon PuddifootStalls
My goal in FollyFest is to ensure the sun shines all weekend long. It’s not yet delivered and clearly takes some practice and skill to get right, however all indications are that this year it will be 100% on target. I moved to Faringdon in 2010 from foreign parts and am amazed at the strength of community spirit this town holds. In a world of global corporations, instant gratification, information overload and relentless change, it is wonderful to see the humanity and friendliness that Faringdon keeps alive. It is truly a special and unusual place, and if I can play a small part in supporting that, I am proud to do so.
Albania Grosso
Albania GrossoFinance
I’ve lived in Faringdon for 18 years and volunteered during FollyFest whenever possible. It’s great to be involved in the organisation of the festival again this year and I’m looking forward to another superb event that brings the community together. This year I’m the Finance Officer, which means I need to keep tabs on the funding and expenditure for the festival. It takes a lot of effort from many people to raise the funds we need to put the event together, despite all of the time provided free of charge by our hardworking volunteers, and I look forward to working with neighbours and organisations across the town to ensure that we raise more than enough to put on really good FollyFest.
Martin Long
Martin LongWebsite and Social Media
I have lived here forever and am proud to now be part of the FollyFest Team. First and foremost, I’m a DJ but I have also been known to play the guitar so music of all genres has always been an absolute passion of mine. Some people also know me for my love of all things LEGO.

I have a bit of flair for building websites so I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to support such a fabulous event in the Faringdon calendar and get involved in FollyFest.