FollyFest is great for the mind, spirit and body – If you have never tried badminton, be sure to pop into the Corn Exchange from 2.30pm onwards on Saturday, where we will set up nets, rackets and shuttlecocks, together with tips and advice from some local advanced players. It's [...]

Belly Dancing Workshop

Belly dance is a beautiful, vibrant and fun dance style, involving both fluid and rhythmic movements of the whole body. It’s suitable for all ages, shapes and fitness levels.   Loreley Rice is a professional dancer and IDTA-qualified teacher with many years’ experience.  She discovered Egyptian dance in the early [...]

Biscuit Decorating

If you are more in the here and now when it comes to baking, how about bringing your family to the Biscuit Decorating workshop? All your efforts will be good enough to eat and all the ingredients are provided. Bring your biscuit makers to The Pump House Project at [...]

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