Local Djs Mike L and Al ‘Citizen’ Cane are really excited to be returning to play in the Crown’s Courtyard on the Friday night of FollyFest for four whole hours from 7 to 11pm. Expect a party atmosphere with decks and loads of vinyl being played on the night.

7pm Mike L – Get into the groove with Soul classics, Motown and more
7.45 Citizen Cane gets into the Northern Soul – rare and familiar
8.30 Mike L plays 60s and 70s classic reggae and ska
9.15 Citizen Cane goes further into ska and reggae and into the 80/ 90s
10 to 11 The final hour. Playing off each other back to back, including your suggestions.

We want your suggestions for great tunes for the dance floor in the last hour, please keep to the soul/ ska spectrum.

Top 3 tunes to alcitizencane@gmail.com

We also encourage you to wear a hat, especially you guys with your pork pies.